The Association's mission is to represent the common interests of all individuals and companies whose business is electronic dance music and to advocate on behalf of electronic dance music as a musical genre. The Association's members will be managers, labels, promoters, publishers, agents, retailers, broadcasters and artists – all who wish to help secure the continued progression and future of our music. The Association will be guided by a board of advisors composed of the leading minds in the genre. The Association is a not-for-profit trade body which will act globally; it will aim to support and enhance the industry; educate; unite; challenge and lead in matters where the industry needs one voice to help better our future. Association for Electronic Music is a future alliance for future music.

Mission Statement

Association for Electronic Music

AFEM is a not-for-profit trade association created to represent the common interests of those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Dance Music and to advocate best practice for the genre.

AFEM’s commitment is to strengthen and further the genre by uniting its members, identifying key issues and providing one-voice to address and challenge them. The collective voice of the AFEM membership provides lobbying power where necessary for all legislative, commercial and industry issues as they relate to the genre.

Specific committees made up of expert members in their respective fields will tackle a wide ranging agenda of issues including marketing, data, health and safety, codes of practice and the damaging effects of piracy.

Through seminars and shared knowledge, AFEM will provide an educational platform from which to empower its members and help their businesses further thrive in an industry now turning over upwards of $6.2 billion globally.

The association will also operate a ‘Friends of AFEM’ scheme, organising networking events and helping to connect not only members but also to the wider music business and commercial industries, its collective ambition being to advance the cause of Electronic Dance Music.

AFEM Advisory Board

Meeting 4 times annually, our 48 strong international advisory board comprises of some of the leading figures in the Electronic Music industry including managers, label owners, publishers, agencies and promoters.

AFEM Membership

AFEM is dedicated to creating a thriving business and cultural environment for it’s members. Joining AFEM will give you access to a wide range of benefits , the greatest being to advance the electronic music industry. Please see our current list of initiatives and business benefits through our associated partners..

Membership is open to all those conducting business within the electronic music industry.

Membership Rates

The annual cost of AFEM membership is based on your company’s annual turnover as per below:


To apply for AFEM membership, or for more information, please contact :
Emily Pritchard General Manager/Registrations :
Mark Lawrence Chief Executive : for general enquiries.

AFEM Membership Benefits include:

**Associated Partners & Discounts :

AFEM members will have access to the following discounts offered through our associated partners as part of AFEM’s annual membership.


“We are delighted to have partnered with the AFEM, a trade body who’s values are aligned with our own and who’s membership underscores the high level of intent to safeguard the future of electronic music. Education is a key part of what we do so we are looking forward to supporting AFEM members with both discounted services and also providing free workshops and advice on how to protect the quality music they work so hard to make”. AudioLock’s CEO and Founder Ben Rush

AFEM are proud to be in partnership with AudioLock as part of it’s initiative to combat music piracy. Audiolock are the leading music specific anti-piracy company ranked independently by Google and recommended by AFEM.

AFEM members will receive:

20% discount off AudioLock high priority protection (for promo's and new releases). A significant fee reduction not available online.

$550 worth of further complimentary AudioLock services comprising:


The Amsterdam Dance Event is a 5 day electronic music conference and festival held annually in mid October.

AFEM are able to offer 100 tickets for the 5 days for a reduced rate of €340


As part of Electric Daisy Carnival Week, the EDM biz conference runs over 3 days at The Cosmpolitan hotel in Las Vegas.

AFEM members will receive 15% off Conference Registration

IMS/ IMS Engage

Signaling the beginning of the Ibiza season, the IMS conference takes place at the end of May with 3 days of conference and events. IMS engage takes place in LA in April hosting a full day of interviews between titans of electronic dance music, tech and the music-biz infrastructure.

AFEM members will receive 15% off Registration

Rio Music Conference

AFEM members will receive FREE Registration offered to the Rio Music Conference 2014/15 for their 5 Regional Editions and one main edition in Rio de Janeiro

Please email for more info on how to apply.

AFEM Initiatives and Committees

AFEM is dedicated to creating a thriving business and cultural environment for it’s members. Current initiatives include the following:


Education is becoming a focal point within the development of the Electronic music movement and industry globally.  Our role is to build awareness and actively promote education as well as offering support to businesses and projects both inside and outside of the industry. AFEM plan to build mentoring programs and integrate Electronic Music into traditional music curriculum.


AFEM will commission a comprehensive data study on the electronic music industry providing much needed authoritative market research to allow members to better interface with brands, organizations and governments with the aid of reliable data. This will help to establish the economic and cultural impact of the genre and will be available exclusively to AFEM members.


AFEM will be campaigning for PROs to use monitoring technology to capture electronic music plays and disburse income based on these plays. AFEM will align the various companies looking into using technology to monitor electronic music plays.


AFEM will be supporting Grammy initiative “Give Fans The Credit” to force download and streaming music providers to list producer and performer credits. Currently digital releases completely eliminate all credits which used to be listed in liner notes.


AFEM will lobby to bring the Dance category back to the Brits and engage with the Grammys to ensure a greater presence for electronic music at the televised award show.


AFEM will seek to hire professional PR to counteract the negative media backlash in the States following recent drug related events at dance events. Electronic Music has become a soft target for the press when the issue is not dance music but the criminality of drugs and needs to be addressed as such. A collective response via AFEM is urgently required.


AFEM has formed standing committees to work on specific issues on a long term basis:


Working to create a best practice guide for promoters and festival owners around the world to ensure that events are operating with the same high-standard of production safety.

AFEM Safety Committee; David Levy, WME and Maria May, CAA co-chairs.


AFEM to take a stand on drugs and drinking at events , setting an agenda in a pro-active manner encouraging responsibility and educating on the risks of drug and alcohol abuse to minimise risk

AFEM Health Committee; Danny Whittle, chair


Combating the scourge of brand-sponsored piracy by bringing attention to the issue and creating an environment in which consumer product brands and Google will find it too damaging to continue this practice; address the shortcomings of White House and other initiatives on this issue.

AFEM Piracy Committee; Mark Quail, chair.


Campaigning for clubs and discotheques to be 1) licensed in the same manner as live venues 2) treated equally by collection societies and other agencies to aid better tracking and payments of copyrights for electronic music 3) encourage a significantly wider use of digital monitoring technology

AFEM Publishing Committee: John Truelove, chair.


The Education Committee has been formed to bring together leaders within the sector to discuss challenges and opportunities, share knowledge and forge a united vision for Electronic music’s future within the traditional academia, corporate culture and specialist education areas amongst others, making Education an essential and integral part of the industry’s growth and sustainability agenda.

AFEM Education Committee: Bobby Simms , Pop Shop, chair.


Preserving the legacy of electronic music culture starting with historically significant recordings and artwork and protecting and promoting the image of electronic music culture around the world.

AFEM Preservation Committee; Simon Dunmore, Defected, chair.


Representing the interests of the Electronic Music Industry with a collective united voice advocating on issues relevant to the industry as they arise.

AFEM Advocacy Committee: Kurosh Nasseri, chair


AFEM will be creating strong local teams internationally collaborating efforts across borders.


AFEM unites Electronic Dance Music Community to tackle problem
AFEM appoints Mark Lawrence as CEO
January 8, 2013
May 23, 2013
Ben Turner in
32 Gontad Remix, 2013

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