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September 2020 – VibeLab presents Chapter Two of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan: The Future of Dancefloors

The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan is a collaborative, practical guide for cities that are trying to determine the best way to design and execute a safe and feasible strategy to reopen and reactivate their creative and night-time economies.

The guide is a joint effort that involves activists, practitioners, academics and industry representatives from all over the world, and is meant to be an interactive platform to share frameworks, tools, and practices among cities during these unprecedented times. For this reason, the guide is meant to be both an accurate but flexible document that can be updated as the circumstances change

Chapter 2 – The Future of Dancefloors: Building more flexible, open, and innovative clubbing experiences.

The second chapter of the Global Nighttime Recovery Plan (GNRP) launched on Tuesday 8th September, 2020.

Download chapter two here.

August 2020 – Boiler Room announce partnership with Apple Music

Since first launching in 2010, the globally renowned online broadcasting platform Boiler Room have provided electronic music fans an incredible amount of music and exclusive DJ sets – ¨spanning over 8,000 performances by more than 5,000 artists across 200 cities¨.

And now 200 of those DJ mixes are available to listeners on Apple Music as part of a new initiative between the two companies.

Including historic mixes and interviews with the artists, distributing DJ Mixes to Apple Music means that artists and DJs are fairly compensated for their work ¨with 100% of royalties from the stream going to rights holders¨.

Alongside a brand new weekly radio show on Apple Music 1 – which launched last week – this all-new initiative will see Boiler Room showcase a different mix every week including infamous sets such as Honey Dijon’s 2018 mix from Sugar Mountain.

Boiler Room will continue to distribute its back catalogue plus on-going new content. Head to the web here for more details and Apple Music subscription information.

August 2020 – Confidential Sexual Harassment Support Service for the Electronic Music Industry

AFEM sponsor a confidential support service for anyone affected by sexual harassment within the Electronic Music Industry. Health Assured provide the service to ensure confidential expert counselling.

A safe and supportive environment for anyone who has been affected and needs guidance and support.

Call 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support.

(Please state AFEM as the client company when calling)

August 2020 – AFEM Helpful Resources: Coronavirus Response

Given the unprecedented and challenging times, AFEM is collating resources via our dedicated COVID-19 response website page which will be updated regularly with the most credible resources relating to well-being, financial aid, alternative income opportunities & lobbying.

We invite you to share helpful resources with us by emailing us at

August 2020 – AFEM Member News: Bindu De Knock / CrossLink Legal

Intellectual Property & Entertainment Lawyer, and AFEM Executive Board Member, Bindu De Knock joins MPW (Music Production for Women) on their latest podcast to discuss the sometimes complex legalities of the music industry, offers invaluable insight into sampling, remixing, rights, licensing and recordings, plus clearly breaks down and highlights the importance of royalties and who is entitled to what.

Listen to the podcast here.

July 2020 – #LetUsDance Campaign: £500m Culture Recovery Fund

#LetUsDance campaign success as Electronic Music events sector gains UK government recognition within the arts and access to support via £500m Culture Recovery Fund.Follow this link to learn more about applying for funding in UK:

The announcement follows the huge support #LetUsDance achieved on Thursday 23rd July with artists from the UK’s Dance Music sector, alongside festival organisers, nightclubs, and industry figures issuing an urgent plea for cultural recognition and access to government funding plans for the arts.

#LetUsDance trended at #2 throughout the day on Twitter, over 5000 letters were sent to local MPs, achieved coverage across over 40 publications with artists standing up for their art including: Adam Beyer, Andy C, Caribou, Charlotte De Witte, Chase & Status, Daniel Avery, Danny Rampling, Eats Everything, Fatboy Slim, Four Tet, Goldie Rocks, Groove Armada, Irvine Welsh, Maya Jane Coles, Massive Attack, Mistajam, Norman Jay OBE, Orbital, Pete Tong, Roni Size, Roisin Murphy, Simone Butler (Primal Scream), Thom Yorke.

Thanks to everyone who supported!

#LetUsDance #LetTheMusicPlay

July 2020 – AFEM Health Group Update: Anxiety Tool-Kit

When it comes to dealing with anxiety in quarantine or self-isolation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

The Music Industry Therapists and Coaches ‘Guide to Anxiety Relief and Self Isolation’ has a comprehensive list of very helpful tips – find what works for you and then add it to your own personal ‘tool-kit’.

Check out the most recent Facebook post here.

July 2020 – #LetUsDance Campaign: Plea to the UK Government

Today the UK Dance Music Industry comes together under the #LetUsDance banner to issue a plea to government for recognition that nightclubs, dance music festivals and events are an important part of the nation’s art and culture in parity with the wider Live Music sector.

The call to the UK government follows on from the recent #LetTheMusicPlay campaign which resulted in the announcement of a £1.57bn support package for Britain’s arts and culture sector. However, the UK government narrative to-date on the allocation of this support has not included nightclubs, dance music events and festivals to receive funding from this package for the arts.

Help us amplify the message that dance music is an artform and should be recognised in parity with other artforms and supported accordingly.

Show your support on socials: post your favourite picture from a recent nightclub, dance festival or event with a note supporting its place within arts and culture. Assets and logo overlays can be found on this link: Politically: take two (2) minutes to put your name to an automated letter to your local MP here –

#LetUsDance #DanceMusicIsArt

July 2020 – #LetTheMusicPlay UK Government announce £1.5BN Culture Rescue Package

On Thursday last week the UK live music industry came together under the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign to ask the government for support. Today a significant package has been announced.

There is still work to be done to ensure that this is managed in a way which supports the full ecosystem of venues, festivals, companies and individuals involved in the electronic music events sector – but this is a very positive initial outcome and demonstrates what can be achieved when the industry stands together

Full story here on IQ Magazine.

July 2020 – AFEM & IEF Report: Electronic Music COVID-19 Initial Response – Guiding Principles For The Live Sector

During our Live Sector Emergency Calls over the past few months, an action was raised to develop a community-sourced, values-driven report to help support the actions and decision-making of all parties involved in our deeply interconnected live sector when dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

Coordinated by Association For Electronic Music (AFEM) and Independent Electronic Forum (IEF), we are pleased to now share this initial output. Please click the link below to access the report:


Each business and individual operating within the electronic music live sector faces their own set of challenges in responding to the impact of the crisis. Staying true to positive values and principles which inspire solidarity are dominant themes in the survey responses upon which this report is based.

This response report brought together over 100 perspectives from across the industry, reflecting the diverse circumstances of stakeholders, and resulted in this set of guiding principles and best-practice suggestions.

If the principles outlined in the report resonate with you, please share and amplify the message.

June 2020 – AFEM Member News: Rights Hub

Rights Hub deliver a comprehensive report on the importance of Music Recognition Technology (MRT) services in ensuring music royalties and usage payments reach the creators and rightsholders of music when it is played.

Contributors include Mixcloud, BMAT, DJ Monitor, Soundmouse, Yacast Muzicast, Seeqnc, PRS for Music, Sentric Music, PEX and ACRCloud.⁠

Essential reading to understand and maximise music revenues.


May 2020 – Your Music Industry Interview with AFEM’s Regional Manager Tristan Hunt

Daniel Fish from Your Music Industry Podcast recently interviewed AFEM’s Regional Manager Tristan Hunt covering topics such as the AFEM Members COVID-19 Hardship Fund, Beatport‘s Re-Connect live-stream festival, mental health and electronic music industry conferences.

Head to the website to listen to the full podcast.

May 2020 – AFEM Member News: De Light Management launch Masks For Music 

De Light Management have launched this innovative opportunity which offers all global music industry professionals a potential opportunity to help relieve pandemic financial insecurity. Masks For Music will help put money back into the music industry and a percentage of sales also supports a number of charities.

Wearing a protective mask in public is set to become more widely adopted and potentially a requirement for future music event attendees. As so many people will be purchasing protective masks over the coming months, it makes sense to buy them in a way which supports a specific music club, artist, business or individual who may be in need of financial assistance.

Venues, agents, festivals, artists and individuals can all join the project and read more about Masks For Music via their website


May 2020 – Anti-Piracy Focus 2020

The COVID-19 lockdowns around the world have caused an increase in online activity and a surge in music piracy. The issue of DJs sourcing tracks from pirate subscription download sites is a particular problem which takes away vital income from artists and the music supply chain from retailers, distributors, labels, publishers and artist managers.

To help tackle this issue AFEM have partnered with global anti-piracy specialist MUSO for 2020 to provide advice and significant discounts on anti-piracy services for members to help ensure revenue streams for electronic music creators and rightsholders are maximised and the pirate operators are disrupted. Further details click here.

MUSO have provided an essential set of best practice tips which content owners can take to minimise the risk of piracy – see here for details.

May 2020 – AFEM Member News: Inflyte announce major integration with Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox.

This partnership makes Inflyte the first promo platform to fully integrate with the new rekordbox 6.0 and delivers promos directly into the heart of the Pioneer DJ ecosystem, which is seen as a major leap forward for labels, PR agencies, artists and users of both platforms.

More details and full announcement here

April 2020 – Mixcloud launch live-streaming platform
´Mixcloud LIVE´.

AFEM Member Update: Mixcloud have launched their new live streaming platform – Mixcloud LIVE – built as a swift and important response to the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Purpose built for DJs, artists and audio creators, Mixcloud’s unique licensing model enables both curators and underlying artists who get played to get paid.

In addition, Mixcloud ‘New Systems’ initiative helps audio creators build a more sustainable future. This includes waiving their fees on the SELECT program and for a limited time offering extended 90 day trials of Mixcloud PRO for any new joiners.

Mixcloud LIVE is big step forward – read more about the platform and how it works in their detailed blog article here.

April 2020 – Beatport’s ‘ReConnect’ Round 2: Live Stream Fundraiser

AFEM partnered with Beatport once again for Reconnect #2.

Last month’s fundraiser amassed more than 11 million views and Beatport have curated another enormous line-up of electronic music heavyweights, who will DJ live from around the globe.

This month another $80,000 was raised with all money raised going to Bridges for Music, In Place of War music projects and the AFEM Members COVID-19 Hardship Fund to benefit at-risk workers.

The AFEM Members COVID-19 Hardship Fund was set up in response to the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19 to our industry and the unique fund-raising opportunity offered by Beatport through their Re-Connect events. Funds will be made available to lower earning individuals who have lost their jobs from AFEM member companies due to the COVID-19 crisis, and to member companies who can demonstrate how donations would allow them to retain certain employees that they would otherwise not be able to.

It was another amazing 36-hours of music for all of us, at home.

April 2020 – AFEM Member News and Offer: Get on top of your music rights with rightsHub.

Developed by people working in the music business and designed for artists, labels, managers, producers and anyone working with music content, rightsHUB is an online rights and file management platform for the music industry.

rightsHUB centralises your contractual, release rights data and assets in a secure cloud based location. rightsHUB gives you one place to store everything – and one point of data entry.

Once your content is in rightsHUB you can send data and assets to multiple partners, eliminating the need for double data entry.

rightsHUB includes a suite of tools to ensure you are being paid on time, and to the terms of your contracts – including the ability to track and chase statements and payments with a single click.

rightsHUB is the easiest way to manage music assets, rights & data.

rightsHUB are offering AFEM members the opportunity to trial the online rights and file management platform entirely free of charge for three (3) months. To claim your free trial and get started with the rightsHUB’s complete back office solution click here

Your Music. Your Data. Your Rights.

April 2020 – AFEM Health Group Update: Introduction

The AFEM Health Group has been set up with the aim to help protect and support the mental and physical health of professionals and fans.

We are going through an unprecedented global crisis that is affecting so many people within the greater music community. Never has there been a greater need for us to support each other.

Over the coming weeks and months, the AFEM Health Group will be sharing information, tips and resources (on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) on dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and self-isolation including breathwork, exercise, sleep and nutrition from the The Music Industry Therapists and Coaches ‘Guide to Anxiety Relief and Self Isolation’. The guide is free to download here –

We’ll get through this together.

March 2020 – Beatport’s ‘Re-Connect’ Live Stream Fundraiser

AFEM is honoured to have played a part in Beatport‘s 34-hour live stream marathon event ‘ReConnect’ last weekend with DJs from around the globe raising over $180,000 (USD) for World Health Organization (WHO)‘s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, and the AFEM Members’ COVID-19 Hardship Fund.

Set up specifically to administer donations from this event, the hardship fund will help struggling AFEM member companies retain lower earning workers who would otherwise be let go, and direct funds to individuals within the membership in most need of urgent financial help.

The ReConnect event amassed over 8.5 million views from more than 150 countries and over 6,200 donors – the leading donor was Pioneer DJ with an incredibly generous private contribution, as well as many products to giveaway during the event.

The live stream featured an A-list line up from the world of electronic dance music, all with the expressed intention of reconnecting the global dance community during this unprecedented pandemic crisis.

Donations are still being accepted here:

Learn more about the AFEM Members’ COVID-19 Hardship Fund here:

March 2020 – AFEM and Beatport launch AFEM Members COVID-19 Hardship Fund 

AFEM and Beatport have launched a fund to support AFEM member companies ‘at-risk’ workers hit hardest financially by the COVID-19 impact. Beginning, Friday, March 27th at 8pm GMT / 1pm PST, Beatport will broadcast a live, 24-hour global DJ marathon in partnership with Twitch. 24 artists including Carl Cox, Bonobo, Nina Kraviz, Griz, RÜFÜS  DÜ SOL (DJ set), A-Trak, Nicole Moudaber, Chris Liebing and Nora En Pure, will be performing from their homes or studios around the globe. During the live stream, viewers can make donations to benefit those most impacted by the crisis.

Funds raised will be administered by AFEM and distributed to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO looking after front-line health concerns, and the AFEM Members COVID-19 Hardship Fund set up to help struggling member businesses retain lower earning workers who would otherwise be let go, and to direct funds to those in most need of urgent financial help.

If you would like to make a donation at any time you can do so via this link. (Note: the charity In Place of War are collecting funds on behalf of AFEM)

The process to apply for funds will be communicated once we have clarity on the total funds raised.

March 2020 – Billboard Dance article: ‘Follow The Money – New technology could help DJs, producers and songwriters collect missing public royalties from DJ sets’.

AFEM’s Get Played Get Paid campaign advocates for the use of Music Recognition Technology at DJ events to ensure music creators receive the royalties due.

‘Follow The Money’ – an article by Billboard Dance digs into this subject includes quotes from AFEM General Manager, Greg Marshall, and DJ Monitor‘s Yuri Dokter.

The full article can be read online or via this pdf link

March 2020 –  Resident Advisor resource: ‘Everything we know about how COVID-19 (the disease caused by the novel coronavirus) is affecting the electronic music scene’ 

This report is being regularly updated –

March 2020 – World Health Organisation, Coronavirus Information

With reported cancellations of a number of large electronic music festivals including Ultra Miami and Tomorrowland Winter to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, we wanted to point to the latest international travel advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) which is regularly updated here.

WHO also provide advice and basic protective measures against the coronavirus here. The latest WHO document outlining key planning recommendations for ‘Mass Gatherings’ can be found here.

Finally, an advisory note provided by our friends at the Association of Independent Festivals on changes in standard event insurance exclusion terms can be found here.

If you require further information, please let us know and we will endeavour to source accordingly.

March 2020 – MIXCON Munich, 2020

A great collaboration with MIXCON Munich where AFEM presented the panel; ‘Focus on the Mental Health of Artists & Label Execs’. An insightful discussion between AFEM’s regional manager Tristan Hunt, Timo Maas, Farah Syed (Beatport), JOEYSUKI (Artist Coaching) and Frank Klein (of Robin Schulz Management).

Many thanks to all panelists, MIXCON and to those who attended the session. See image here on LinkedIn

February 2020 – Rolling Stone: How The Music Is Fighting Is Fighting The Mental-Health Crisis. 

An important and informative article by Rolling Stone on how the music industry is fighting the mental health battle.

The article references ‘The Electronic Music Industry Guide To Mental Health” – developed by AFEM in partnership with MMF (Music Managers Forum UK), Help Musicians UK and Music Support – as a trusted resource for those seeking help, guidance and coping strategies.

The guide is available to download here –

January 2020 – Resident Advisor: Australian promoters announce bushfire relief fundraisers 

A comprehensive resource created by Resident Advisor announcing scores of events to be held across Australia to raise money for the ongoing bushfire crisis.

Electronic music promoters and artists from around the country are pledging funds from upcoming events to the nationwide bushfire relief effort.

Please read, attend if you can and be sure to check out the numerous causes to which you can donate. Our hearts and thoughts are very much with Australia.

Full story here

December 2019 –  Mixmag story on Blond:ish’s Bye Bye Plastics Campaign

Great coverage from Mixmag​ to spread the sustainability message of BLOND:ISH​‘s excellent Bye Bye Plastics campaign; which includes an eco-rider to eliminate single-use plastics in the DJ community. Those that have signed include Richie Hawtin, Annie Mac, Honey Dijon, Cassy, Ben Klock and Pete Tong.

“Change is fuelled by movements. Movements thrive on community, creativity, participation and idealism. The secret ingredient, AKA superpower, we have to add to this mix is music. It’s the absolute strongest glue and the strongest human connector. We can’t forget that, so let’s use it endlessly for good.” – Blond:ish

Read the full story here

November 2019 –  Most Wanted: Music in Berlin, 2019

A great collaboration once again with Most Wanted: Music in Berlin.

Thank you to those who attended the very productive Members Meeting and the AFEM x Songtrust networking drinks. Thanks also to those who participated in the panels we were involved in:

‘Tech Horizon – Is Streaming for DJs the Next Big Format Shift?’
Tristan Hunt (AFEM), Kikelomo (NATIVE INSTRUMENTS), Jack Bridges(SoundCloud), Fidelity Kastrow and Heiko Hoffmann (Beatport)

‘Influencing The Live Performance Publishing Space’
Mandy Aubry (Songtrust) Greg Marshall (AFEM), Irene Bauzá (Unison. Rights Management) James Cary (Evoke Music Management) and Bernhard Famler (Seeqnc).

November 2019 –  AFEM Health Group – New Co-Chairs

We’re pleased to announce the newly elected Co-Chairs of our Health Group – Christine Brown, Tamsin Embleton and Tom Middleton, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position. 

Christine Brown is a consultant working across the music and health sectors and has been at the forefront of pioneering work around mental health in the music industry. She spent nearly a decade at charity Help Musicians UK and in 2016, commissioned the ‘Can Music Make You Sick’ academic study which brought to light that music professionals are three times more likely to struggle from mental illness. Following this, she spearheaded the ‘Music Minds Matter’ campaign which led to the 24/7 support line and service for people in music. She is also a certified Mental Health First Aider. 

Tamsin Embleton is an ex-music industry festival and venue booker turned psychotherapist who specialises in working with musicians, DJs and music industry professionals. Backed by Live Nation, Tamsin is currently writing the Touring and Mental Health Manual, a book offering in-depth advice and guidance to support touring communities on the road. 

Tamsin is the founder of the Music Industry Therapist Collective (MITC), a group of psychotherapists working in the UK and US all of whom have worked in the industry in recording, labels, radio, live and as artists. The MITC work one-to-one with individuals and groups and also offer workshops.

Tom Middleton is a pioneering electronic musician, DJ, producer, sleep coach and creator of science-backed music for health, wellness, focus, productivity, relaxation and sleep. He has toured the world and performed to millions over three decades observing the positive effects of sound, and has shared the stage with Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga and Kanye West.

He has embarked on a new mission to help re-score the soundtrack to life. Applying principles of neuroscience and the psychology of sound, sleep, listening and breathing, he creates transformational soundscapes, music and immersive experiences. Tom also creates content for apps and platforms such as Calm and Silentmode and believes the science of sound can help us to be happier, healthier, more productive and resilient. He is a certified Mental Health First Aider. 

We are looking forward to working with them to continue supporting the health of electronic music professionals and fans. Find out more about the group initiatives here

November 2019 –  AFEM Member Offer – WARM 15% discount 

AFEM member WARM, who specialise in real-time radio tracking, are offering AFEM members the following deal to try out their service. To get started, go to Here, you can start a free trial or use the coupon code to get a 15% discount on all subscriptions. To activate your song, either do a search or upload an mp3 and then proceed to checkout. The airplay on your song will show in your WARM dashboard. Coupon code: “afem15”.

October 2019 –  Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2019

A huge thank you to all AFEM members and friends who led, participated and supported our meetings and networking events at ADE last week (see photos here).

Over 180 members and invited guests turned out for our Annual General Meeting with presentations and talks from our Founders, Ben Turner & Kurosh Nasseri, Operational Team members Greg Marshall, Shino Parker and Tristan Hunt, keynotes from Claire O’Neill of A Greener Festival and Michael Kinzel from d&b audiotechnik and Working Group updates from Yuri Dokter & Maarten Leopold (CMO Relations) and Christine Brown & Tamsin Embleton (Health). We welcomed the newly elected Executive Board members and two new staff members Tiffany Yu and Mel Sutton and revealed the all-new AFEM logo.

Special thanks to our AFEM Lounge event sponsors Sentric MusicSacem and Skiddle, to the team at Superheroes N.I / Amsterdam / New York and Deus Ex Machina Amsterdam for hosting our numerous Working Group meetings at their offices / restaurant spaces throughout the ADE week and to DJ Monitor and Paradise Distribution for hosting the CMO Relations Working Group and CMO Summit event on their annual Rights & Bytes boat (separate photos from that event to follow).

Thanks also to the speakers who participated in the AFEM panels over ADE: The Only One In The Room representing the AFEM Diversity & Inclusion Working Group (Speakers – Sarah HilderingShino ParkerSam WarrenJessica WilsonCarl Loben and Sara Al Hamad) and Money For The Music In The Mix representing the AFEM CMO Relations / Rights & Royalties Working Group (Speakers – Maarten LeopoldYuri DokterFrank RodiRobb McDaniels, Liz Muirhead). ADE was an exceptional week for AFEM because of the support of our members and collaborators.

We salute you.

October 2019 –  Confidential Sexual Harassment Support Service

AFEM’s confidential support service for anyone affected by sexual harassment within the Electronic Music Industry.  Health Assured provide the service to ensure confidential expert counselling.

A safe and supportive environment for anyone who has been affected and needs guidance and support.

Call 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support.

September 2019 – DJ Mag article; ‘Producers are losing millions in royalties every year – here’s what you can do about it’

This DJ Mag article, with a UK focus, digs into the detail of how royalties are generated for creators when their music is played by DJs in clubs and at festivals, and the reasons they don’t always receive what is due. The solution requires cross-industry collaboration, education and to facilitate the deployment of effective music recognition tech services at DJ events – PRS for Music Ashley Howard truelove John Truelove Black Rock Publishing Mark Lawrence Greg Marshall DJ Monitor

August 2019 – Beatport ‘Beats In School’ publishing masterclass from Musiqware

The Beatport Beats In School winners received a masterclass in publishing from AFEM member, Herman Verkade of Musiqware. Check some of the highlights here.

July 2019 – AFEM & Consolidated Independent launch Metadata Best Practice Guide

Across the industry, creators, labels and publishers lose out on revenue each year due to incomplete or inconsistent metadata. AFEM’s Metadata Working Group teamed up with Consolidated Independent to create an easy-to-understand guide on music metadata best practice. You can view and download the guide here. 

AFEM and CI publish music meta-data guide

July 2019 – Songtrust: ‘Modern Guide to Publishing’

Songtrust have created this very informative ‘Modern Guide to Publishing’ to help creators & others in the industry to better understand how usage of music creates publishing royalties around the world. You can download and read the guide here.

June 2019 – Mental Health First Aid Training for AFEM Members

On Friday 21st June,  Eclectic Toolbox delivered an excellent Mental Health First Aid England training event for AFEM members in London. Raising awareness of Mental Health First Aid training within electronic music and ensuring staff in every workplace in our industry are mental health savvy is one of AFEM’s key health objectives.

The eclectic Toolbox blog can be read here.

June 2019 – Australian Performing Right Organisation, APRA AMCOS joins AFEM

We are pleased to announce that Australian Performing Rights Organisation, APRA AMCOS have now joined AFEM.

Leading the way for many years in utilising music recognition technology to ensure that creators who get played are getting more accurately paid, APRA AMCOS represents more than 20,000 electronic and dance music creators, including Flume, Empire of the Sun, PNAU, Alison Wonderland, Rüfüs Du Sol, Sia, VASSY, along with APRA AMCOS Ambassadors Amba Shepherd, Jane Arnison, DJ John Ferris, Julian Hamilton (The Presets), KLP, Simon Lewicki (Groove Terminator), and David Greene, Ilan Kidron and Johnny Sonic (Potbelleez).

June 2019 – French Performing Right Organisation, SACEM joins AFEM

In 2014, AFEM dedicated itself to transforming the rights and royalties landscape by advocating that when electronic music is played, the creators and rights-holders of the music get paid.

In the following 5 years, Collective Rights Management Organisations across 18 territories have adopted technology to identify the music played at DJ events to improve royalty payment accuracy.

In this time we have also seen key streaming and retail services deploy music recognition tech to ID music in the mix online.

As an organisation, AFEM have created platforms for pan-industry leadership and discussion, without boundaries, barriers and bias.

Over the past year, we have taken time and consulted widely to create a new ‘Affiliate Membership’ category to enable progressive Performing and Neighbouring Rights Organisations to engage with AFEM and support our transformational aim.

We are pleased to announce that the French Performing Right Organisation, Sacem, have now joined AFEM, with a further PRO’s membership to be announced shortly.

Sacem joining AFEM represents a clear commitment to dialogue and development of policies & activities which best support electronic music.

The first, we hope, of many.

May 2019 – AFEM German Members Meeting 

Thank you to those who attended our members meeting in Berlin on the 8th May. Special thanks to Soundcloud for hosting the meeting and for their presentation. A highly engaged meeting where we also ran the first session to capture views on the best elements of electronic music culture. The start of a process to ensure that AFEM seeks to promote, preserve & protect the elements that people are most passionate about and drawn to.

April 2019 –  Falmouth University offer exclusive discount to AFEM members on their ‘Attitude is Everything, Disability Equality for the Live Event Industry Training’ course

UK charity Attitude is Everything has teamed up with Falmouth University – one of the UK’s leading creative universities – to offer a 2-week online course in disability equality within the live events industry.

Falmouth Flexible’s Attitude is Everything Disability Equality for the Live Event Industry Training course will give you the in-depth knowledge and practical skills you need to meet Deaf and disabled customers’ access requirements at your next event.

The course builds on Attitude is Everything’s almost 20 years’ experience in improving Deaf and disabled people’s access to live music and events, with a focus on the operational and legal aspects of inclusivity.

Falmouth Flexible also offers a 2-week online course in A Greener Festival Assessor Training, helping you to effectively assess environmental operations at festivals and events and make your next event more environmentally-friendly.

The course is offered in partnership with A Greener Festival – a not-for-profit organisation that has led the way in assessing environmental operations at events and festivals around the world for over a decade.

AFEM members benefit from an exclusive 15% discount off these courses.

Contact for discount details

March 2019 –  Confidential Sexual Harassment Support Service

AFEM’s confidential support service for anyone affected by sexual harassment within the Electronic Music Industry.  Health Assured provide the service to ensure confidential expert counselling.

A safe and supportive environment for anyone who has been affected and needs guidance and support.

Call 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support.

March 2019 – Futures Forum, Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London 

AFEM Regional Manager Tristan Hunt joins Jana Watkins (Live Nation), Fiona McGugan (MMF) Jenny Cochrane (AEI Group) Achal Dhillion (Killing Moon) to discuss Surviving The Business: Health & Wellbeing In Live.

Hosted at Futures Forum – a day of discussion and networking among the next generation of live music industry leaders.

March 2019 – AFEM Amsterdam Members Meeting

Thank you to those who attended our members meeting in Amsterdam on the 6th March. Special thanks to FUGA for hosting the meeting and to Fontys ACI and Hi-Phi Music for their presentations. A super-engaging exchange of industry insights with 18 members in attendance and guests including the Director of ADE, Mariana Sanchotene and the Night Mayor of Amsterdam, Shamiro van der Geld.

March 2019 – Membership Vote To Approve AFEM Bylaws

AFEM reached a significant milestone in terms of governance this month as the membership voted unanimously to approve the Bylaws that will serve as the rule book for all activity within our Association. The Bylaws are the end result of a review of governance in comparable industry associations and months of diligent work by AFEM’s Governance Committee.

The full AFEM Bylaws document can be found here.

February 2019 – AFEM UK Members Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the UK members meeting at The Ministry in London on 27th February. 31 members attended the event which included presentations from Mixed Race Faces, Music For Mental Wealth, Tom Middleton – Sleep Better / Sonux and Brighton Music Conference.

February 2019 – AFEM Thought Piece 

AFEM Thought Piece: “Feeling Overwhelmed? Pause. Breathe. Refocus.”  AFEM Regional Manager, Tristan Hunt shares a thought piece on dealing with the day-to-day impact work can have on your mental health (AFEM)

January 2019 – Songtrust Industry Spotlight 

Songtrust interviews AFEM General Manager, Greg Marshall for their latest industry spotlight, read the full interview here.

December 2018 –  Mobile Phone Use at Electronic Music Events Survey

AFEM and Eventbrite have collaborated on a research project to gather the industry’s perspective on the use of mobile phones to photograph and video at electronic music events.

The full report will be available next month including views from AFEM Artist Ambassador Anja Schneider and Mark Knight from Toolroom. Early press link here

November 2018 –  Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members 

Dance Music Production is the longest running Electronic Music E-learning website. Founded in 2003, we produce the highest quality, informative video tutorials on the production of electronic dance music available anywhere. Not only do we have an extensive history in electronic dance music but our textbook, the Dance Music Manual, has earned a place on the required and recommended reading list for many colleges and universities.

All AFEM members get an exclusive 15% discount across the site (except on non-DMP products or sale products).

For further details email:

October 2018 – AFEM Endorse the We Have Voice Code of Conduct 

We Have Voice created a powerful code which aims to stamp out sexual harassment and create safer space for everyone in the music scene and beyond. AFEM endorses this code and stands behind the brave men and women speaking out about this issue. We invite our members and friends to share the code, and to share ideas for how we can expand upon it to further enhance representation, diversity and inclusion in the electronic music scene.

Link to the Code of Conduct here

October 2018AFEM & CI Metadata Best Practice Guide Launched

Our Metadata Best Practice guide provides an essential high-level, straightforward and understandable introduction to any artist, manager, producer or executive who is new to metadata, and a reminder to those already working with it.

Download the Metadata Best Practice Guide here

September 2018 – Ibiza Loves Ears / ACS Custom Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members

By celebrating life and producing loud sounds while doing so, we create a growing problem that affects many of us: music-induced hearing loss (MIHL) & tinnitus. We believe in the importance of education about hearing conservation that will create a global shift in awareness around these problems, caused by music.

To provide a solution for professionals and our fellow music lovers, we offer Music Industry standard hearing protection from ACS Custom with a discount of 15% for AFEM members.

For any questions or inquiries contact – |

August 2018 – Moon Jelly Agency Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members 

Moon Jelly Agency is an online hub for DJs and producers, focused on marketing tips, tricks, tools, and services for musicians.A proper marketing strategy is super important in today’s digital world, and that’s why Moon Jelly has created an article library where you can find everything you need to rock your own marketing.

All AFEM members get 3 months of full free access to the Moon Jelly library. If you’d like to get access, please contact

July 2018 – Songtrust Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members

Songtrust is the world’s largest publishing royalty collection company enabling over 150,000 songwriters and 20,000 publishers to collect their publishing royalties globally for over 1,000,000 copyrights. Songtrust maintains direct relationships with 50+ performance and mechanical publishing collection societies and digital services globally covering 120+ territories – the most extensive, accessible publishing network in the industry.

AFEM members receive a 25% discount on the one-time registration fee using the code: AFEM-ST

Contact Mandy Aubry at to discuss business account opportunities.

July 2018 – Kwettr Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members

Monetizing social media channels: Kwettr provides services to let fans pay for music using tweets, likes, snaps, selfies, Spotify or YouTube follows. Marketing tools include social payment systems integrated in any website, online games to unlock content and analytical tools. Social media reports include IBM Watson analyses: predicting sales using artificial intelligence. Direct message campaigns on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Kwettr offers labels and artists promotional campaigns aimed to increase revenue on Spotify, Apple Music and Beatport.

Exclusive Member Discount: 15% discount on any Kwettr campaign or product, 20% discount on annual plans.


June 2018 – Management Structure Update

As of June 1, AFEM’s Management team structure has changed. After 4 years as CEO, Mark Lawrence has stepped away from front line duties into an Advisor role, Greg Marshall has increased responsibilities in a new General Manager role and we welcome two new members to the team, Shino Allen as Events & Communications Manager and Tristan Hunt as Regional Manager. The new structure and resource will help push AFEM into the next phase of its growth and ensure we provide the best possible service and experience to the AFEM membership

May 2018 – DJ Mag run AFEM Mental & Physical Health working group’s exclusive feature on mental health in electronic music. 

Link to the feature here. With insights and advice from across the industry, including our partner Help Musicians UK, the exclusive feature on mental health in electronic music helps increase understanding and sets the scene for one of the key themes at this week’s IMS Ibiza. For UK support on mental health issues contact Music Minds Matters on or 24/7 freephone 0808 802 8008. For international support email

April 2018 – Petit Legal Provide Exclusive Discount for AFEM Members

Petit Legal is an Amsterdam based law firm for creatives and entrepreneurs, which has a strong focus on the dance music industry. The company is recently founded by Sander Petit LL.M, who is admitted to The Netherlands Bar. Petit Legal helps out dj’s, producers, record labels, publishers, promoters, artwork designers and booking agencies among others with legal advice regarding intellectual property, contracts, negotiations and litigation.

Exclusive discount for AFEM members: €50 per hour discount on first assignment and then a subsequent 5% discount on hourly rate.

If a fixed fee applies (for example for reviewing a contract to Dutch law) a discount of €50 on the total fixed fee for the first assignment and 5% for all following fixed fee assignments.

For more details contact –

March 2018 –  ‘Night Lives: Reducing Drug-Related Harm in the Night Time Economy’ report published

AFEM contributed to the illuminating report published by The LoopVoltefaceDurham University and The All-Party Parliamentary Group For Drug Policy Reform focusing on harm reduction recommendations within UK night life.

Read the full Night Lives report here 

The four key recommendations in the report are:

1. Drug safety testing services available to the general public in night life districts;
2. An independent information campaign on reducing drug-related harm;
3. Training for night life staff in how to respond effectively to drug use in the NTE;
4. The adoption of the UK festival drug policy of ‘3Ps: Prevent, Pursue, Protect’ in licensed venues.

AFEM will continue our work as part of a collective effort to inform, educate and bring about changes to reduce drug-related harm.

January 2018 –  AFEM Turn Out At Parliament To Support The AGENT OF CHANGE Bill To Protect Music Venues In The UK.

AFEM fully supports the AGENT OF CHANGE Bill to protect music venues in the UK. It is essential that the value of clubs and music venues is recognised and protected as they are the life-blood of the wider music industry, especially in electronic music. The Agent of Change bill is a chance to enshrine into UK law, provisions to protect existing music venues from facing closure or crippling cost arising from development of new residential properties in their vicinity. Link to media here

December 2017 –  AFEM Launches Confidential Sexual Harassment Support Service

AFEM has launched a confidential support service for anyone affected by sexual harassment within the Electronic Music Industry.  Health Assured will be providing the service to ensure confidential expert counselling.

We can now point to a safe and supportive environment for anyone who has been affected and needs guidance and support.

Call 0800 030 5182, (Outside the UK: +44 800 030 5182) where trained experts will listen and support.

The service has been funded initially through contributions from DJ Mag and a small number of AFEM Members.

Please find below media pick up at time of writing –

December 2017 –  Help Musicians UK Launch 24/7 Mental Health Support Line For The Music Industry 

AFEM is proud to support the Help Musicians UK (HMUK) launch of its landmark new 24/7 mental health service ‘Music Minds Matter’ for anyone working in the music industry.

The Music Minds Matter service is the industry’s most comprehensive yet – combining advice, signposting, clinical pathways and professional therapeutic services, including counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Uniquely, the service also provides access to the charity’s grant funding, and individuals may also access advice on legal issues, debt and benefits. This is a first for the British music industry.

Those needing help and emotional support can call 0808 802 8008 free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week or email (please note a 48-hour turnaround)

November 2017 – ROTOR Videos Provide Exclusive Discount Offer For AFEM Members

Rotor offers a tool for creating promotional videos and music videos very quickly and inexpensively. Through the Rotor web app it is simple to create short-form promo videos with text overlays and full music videos – and you need nothing more than a track.

You can add your own images and video clips to your videos or you can make use of Rotor’s free footage library of over 3000 clips. Rotor is used by hundreds of independent labels and also Sony and Universal UK.

AFEM members can receive 20% off all videos with Rotor – contact for the discount code. Sign up is free –

November 2017AFEM Diversity & Inclusion Working Group Launched

Diversity & Inclusion covers race, age, sexuality as well as gender. The purpose of this AFEM group is to raise awareness of the current imbalance in electronic music, and to establish a clear strategy for positive action and progress going forward. Open to all AFEM members, if you would like to get involved or to find out more information please contact either Greg Marshall or the group chair Sarah Anderson

October 2017Next AFEM Executive Board Confirmed

Following our online election process in which 23 members stood as candidates for 14 Board positions, we can now confirm the next AFEM Executive Board is as follows:

Andi Durrant, This Is Distorted, Europe
Bob Barbiere, Dubset, North America
Elizabeth Muirhead, BMAT, Europe
FELIX, North America
John Acquaviva, Plus 8 Capital, North America
Lee Morrison, Brighton Music Conference, Europe
Mark Quail, Mark Quail, North America
Matt Abbott, Label Worx, Europe
Rainbow Gao, Mansion Shanghai, Asia
Ralf Kollmann, Mobilee, Europe
Ritty Van Straalen, Fourmation Entertainment, Europe
Steve Hogan, WME, Europe
Tom Nieuweboer, !K7, Europe
Tristan Hunt, AudioLock, Europe

Chairs –
Ben Turner, Graphite, Europe
Kurosh Nasseri, Nasseri, North America

October 2017Polls Now Open To Vote In Next AFEM Executive Board

The online ballot is now open for members to vote in the AFEM Executive Board election.

The Executive Board is responsible for ‘rapid reaction’ and operational decision-making needed to deliver the overall strategy of AFEM.

The ballot will remain open from 1st October until 13th October at 18.00 GMT, with the new Executive Board being announced at our Annual General Meeting in Amsterdam on the 17th October.
August 2017Call For Nominations: AFEM Executive Board Election 2017

We are planning a full election to vote in the next AFEM Executive Board to sit from October 31, 2017 – October 30, 2019 and are calling for candidates.

All AFEM members, including incumbent board members are free to stand.

Nominations will be accepted from today through to the close of business on Friday, September 15, 2017.

For further details email

July 2017 –  Mixcloud Provide Exclusive Promo Offer For AFEM Members

Mixcloud is a fully licensed platform for long form audio meaning mixes, radio shows and podcasts with over 1 million people uploading globally and over 17 million unique monthly users.

An exclusive promo plan is being offered to AFEM members who plan to start uploading regularly to Mixcloud:

• Free Pro Account
• Enhanced profile visibility and bespoke support for high quality AFEM member content across the platform.

Email for more details.

June 2017 –  AFEM partner with Beatport for producer mentoring programme 

AFEM is  proud to partner with Beatport on their “Beats in School” producer contest. If you want to be mentored by a top electronic music label check this out!

May 2017 –  Artist Ambassadors Announced at IMS Ibiza

At the International Music Summit Ibiza, we announced our first wave of Artist Ambassadors who will be giving their time and influence free of charge to support The Association For Electronic Music and its campaigns.

We are honoured to be working with:

Anja Schneider, Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, B.Traits, Carl Craig, Jean-Michel Jarre, Little Louie Vega, Nicole Moudaber, Nile Rodgers, Paul Van DykPete Tong and Seth Troxler

“The challenges we face and opportunities we must take do not only impact on electronic music businesses, they impact on DJs, musicians, songwriters and fans,” said Mark Lawrence, CEO of AFEM, in a statement. “With the announcement of our Artist Ambassadors, AFEM becomes the global voice of the electronic music genre, for those who create our music right through to those who passionately enjoy and embrace it.”

The second phase of AFEM artist ambassadors will be revealed at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this October.

May 2017 –  ‘AFEM Approved’ Anti-Piracy Seal Goes Live

In an attempt to disrupt pirate sites and highlight legitimate electronic music download stores to consumers, we have developed an ‘AFEM Approved’ seal (image below) which is now live on Traxsource and Beatport and will subsequently be rolled out to the other key DJ-focused download stores.

April 2017AFEM Working Groups Programme Roll-out

In 2016 we completed work on a long term strategy to drive forward global electronic music commerce, culture and membership, a key part of which was to establish working groups involving a wide range of members, playing to their strengths and passion to deliver agreed goals.

These groups will be activated gradually throughout 2017 with Chairs appointed, members invited and high level objectives agreed as follows: Link to Work Groups Overview 

March 2017 – Safe In Sound – Harm Reduction Campaign Underway 

Our global Harm Reduction campaign reached its funding target for phase one and is now underway. A range of North American stakeholders have been interviewed by APCO (our campaign partner) to scope the work and agree key milestones for the lobbying campaign in North America. A steering group will be established to monitor and guide the project.
Working with APCO and Drugs Policy Alliance, the initial focus of the campaign will be to lobby for legislative and policy change in North America to enable promoters to more confidently extend the level of Harm Reduction and prevention activities they deliver before and during events.

February 2017 – Using Slack for Membership Communications 

As our membership is global and physical attendance at AFEM events and meetings is not always possible, we need a communication tool to enable easy connections between members. Following trials with a small group of members, we now plan to rollout a Slack channel to all members and working groups.

February 2017Exclusive New Hotel Storm Discount Deal For AFEM Members 

AFEM members can now access an exclusive Hotel Storm booking portal with discounts on thousands of hotels worldwide.

January 2017 – Get Played Get Paid – PRS for Music / Soundcloud 

AFEM engaged in extensive dialogue with UK performing right organisation PRS for Music to highlight the need for a fair and accurate first Soundcloud distribution for the Electronic Music community. We successfully lobbied the PRO to utilise Music Recognition Technology to identify the tracks and rightsholders within a large subset of unidentified Soundcloud content, with a particular focus on DJ mixes. We are happy to say that two separate AFEM member Music Recognition Technology companies each contributed to the efforts and identified many thousands of electronic music tracks within DJ mixes on Soundcloud. This enabled PRS to accurately pay royalties for several billion related streams to right people.

January 2017 – Diversity & Inclusion – UK Music Industry Diversity Survey Results 

In 2016 AFEM supported and encouraged our members to participate in a Music Industry Diversity Survey run by UK Music which sought to establish diversity figures, with an emphasis on the business side. The balance of gender and ethnicity in record labels and publishing companies were examined, finding that, despite progress in female, black, Asian, and minority ethnic representation at entry level, the majority of the top positions are still held by men.

According to the survey, women make up 60% of intern positions and 59% of entry-level business roles in the industry, but they only account for 30% of senior executive positions.
The study also found that women made up more than half of the workforce aged 25-34 in the industry, but only 33% between the ages of 45 and 64.

The survey’s findings on ethnic diversity found that at intern and entry levels the proportion of workers from BAME backgrounds was high, coming in at 24% and 20% respectively. However, only 11% of senior roles in the industry were found to be filled by a person from a minority background.

Full report details can be found here

AFEM will continue to raise awareness on this theme via articles, panels & social media.

December 2016 – Connecting Distributors with Music Recognition Tech members

AFEM has been working behind the scenes to encourage our AFEM member distributors to deliver recordings and metadata to AFEM Music Recognition Technology companies so they can effectively identify more electronic music when it is played, and subsequently enable the Collective Rights Management Organisations who use these services to make more accurate royalty payments to rightsholders.

October 2016 –  Green Initiative – AFEM Offset Calculator Goes Live

As part our wider community work AFEM has established a partnership with industry leading CO2 offset climate protection specialists myclimate. This partnership offers the electronic music community the facility to calculate and offset the greenhouse gases (calculated in tonnes CO2) produced from flights to electronic music events worldwide. By offsetting this CO2 we can all help mitigate man-made climate change and safeguard our planet for future generations of electronic music fans to enjoy. Use our CO2 calculator to offset your CO2 here: AFEM Offset Calculator