Green Initiatives

Our Green Initiatives working group was re-established at the start of 2019 (and has roots going back to 2017) with the purpose of helping our members address the unprecedented climate crisis our world faces with the rise of global heating and pollution, and in order to focus our industry’s collective will to address the problems we now face.

Initially chaired on a temporary basis by AFEM’s Tristan Hunt, Claire O’Neill, co-founder and Director at A Greener Festival, was recently elected by the group to be its official chair and help shape the group’s focus and take it’s work forward.

The group presently has 5 key areas of focus, which are under review following a recent group call in order to ready the group for 2020. The 5 main areas of focus are:

1. Aim to minimize the use of plastics (cups, straws, glitter etc) at our festivals, clubs and events.

2. Aim to make our industry carbon neutral via carbon reduction and balancing measures.

3. Aim to get all festivals worldwide to provide cold drinking water to people free of charge (and so further reduce plastic waste whilst maximising patron’s welfare).  

4. Aim to get all festivals worldwide to stop using fossil fuels.

5. Aim to move our industry to use providers of sustainable/renewable energy.

The working groups are open to all members so if you would like to participate in this working group please email Tristan.

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