AFEM Initiatives and Committees

AFEM is dedicated to creating a thriving business and cultural environment for it’s members. Current initiatives include the following:

Get Played Get Paid

AFEM is working with global Performing and Neighbouring Rights Organisations to move approx $160M of royalty distributions resulting from consumption of electronic music at festivals and in clubs to ‘pay per play’ using Music Recognition Technology provided by AFEM members.  Progress toward this goal has already been achieved in Australia (APRA) and the Netherlands (BUMA), with Belgium (SABAM), Canada (SOCAN), France (SACEM), Spain (SGAE), Sweden (STIM) and the UK (PRS) expected to change their approach in 2016

Safe In Sound

Throughout 2015 and into 2016, a platform was created for experts and change agents in drugs policy and harm reduction to work alongside electronic music industry representatives and AFEM members to begin shaping a Harm Reduction campaign.  The campaign aims to increase alcohol and drug consumption risk awareness and therefore reduce incidents, lobbying for change in use of technology and policy where possible.

Protect The Dance Floor

Instigated by the threat of closure to Fabric night club in the UK, the campaign quickly grew as a focal point for the increased threats to electronic music venues in global cities through gentrification, licensing restrictions and inappropriate policing.  AFEM brought together the Berlin Club Commission, Amsterdam Night Mayors Office and the UK Night Time Industries Association (please support the NTIA ‘Nightlife Matters’ UK campaign here) to successfully lobby for the appointment of a Night Time Economy Champion in London. AFEM have also been asked to sit on the Mayor of London’s ‘Night Time Economy Commission’ and we will work to ensure a business environment for clubs and venues in which they can thrive.

Stealing Our Own Success

AFEM disrupted the activity of selected pirate sites in 2015 as a precursor to a full campaign in 2016.  Early estimates suggest that the illegal DJ download market is far greater than the combined turnover of legitimate sites, costing the electronic music genre multiple millions in revenue.

Music Industry 3.0

A strategic partnership with Music Biz Org, aiming to transform the rights management of electronic music through improved data and technology.

Green Initiatives

As part our wider community work AFEM has established a partnership with industry leading CO2 offset climate protection specialists myclimate. This partnership offers the electronic music community the facility to calculate and offset the greenhouse gases (calculated in tonnes CO2) produced from flights to electronic music events worldwide. By offsetting this CO2 we can all help mitigate man-made climate change and safeguard our planet for future generations of electronic music fans to enjoy

Use our CO2 calculator to offset your CO2 here: AFEM CO2 Calculator

AFEM Committees

AFEM has formed standing committees to work on specific issues on a long term basis:

Health and Safety

Working to create best practice guides for promoters and festival owners around the world to ensure that events are operating with the same high-standard of production safety.

Rights and Royalties

Campaigning for clubs and discotheques to be 1) licensed in the same manner as live venues 2) treated equally by collection societies and other agencies to aid better tracking and payments of copyrights for electronic music 3) encourage a significantly wider use of digital monitoring technology


Combating the scourge of brand-sponsored piracy by bringing attention to the issue and creating an environment in which consumer product brands and Google will find it too damaging to continue this practice; address the shortcomings of White House and other initiatives on this issue.


Formed to bring together leaders within the sector to discuss challenges and opportunities, share knowledge and forge a united vision for Electronic music’s future within the traditional academia, corporate culture and specialist education areas amongst others, making Education an essential and integral part of the industry’s growth and sustainability agenda.

Preservation and Heritage

Preserving the legacy of electronic music culture starting with historically significant recordings and artwork and protecting and promoting the image of electronic music culture around the world.


To review and endorse credible partners for AFEM that positively reinforce our brand and generate additional sources of income.

Global View

AFEM is creating strong local teams internationally collaborating efforts across borders.