Mixcloud LIVE – an interview with Mixcloud CoFounder, Nico Perez.

On Monday 20th April, 2020, Mixcloud launched their new live streaming platform – Mixcloud LIVE – built as a swift and important response to the ongoing worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Purpose built for DJs, artists and audio creators, Mixcloud’s unique licensing model enables both curators and underlying artists who get played to get paid.

AFEM spoke with Mixcloud Co-Founder Nico Perez, to find out what the industry response has been a week since launching and understand more on what creators, and fans, can expect from the platform as it grows.

Photo credit: Sanaa Abstrakt

What has the creator community reaction been to the launch of Mixcloud LIVE? 

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, far beyond expectation. LIVE was always on our roadmap, but the crisis called for us to react fast and so launching as quickly as possible means there’s still a way to go in developing the live experience. That’s why we’re continuing to work directly with creators to ensure their feedback’s heard and can evolve the tech in line with their specific needs. We’ve had an influx of interest from across the spectrum – artists, community radio stations, event promoters – and that keeps our razor-sharp focus on delivering something of real value to the creators we love, and playing an instrumental part in holding up the music industry for the future.

Why should DJs choose this platform over those already out there?

For any type of creator on our platform we hope LIVE not only amplifies their creativity and connection to their fans now and beyond this global crisis, but supports the sustainability of our ecosystem as a whole. When you stream any show on Mixcloud, for free, the underlying tracks are identified through audio fingerprinting and we pay a royalty fee to those labels and publishers, who then distribute amongst the artists and songwriters — and the same applies for LIVE. We’ve integrated LIVE with our fan-to-creator subscription model, Mixcloud SELECT so creators can monetise their content, and earn a recurring income from their fans. We believe in a fair distribution and access for any creator, big or small, to these tools.

When will monetisation options be deployed so Mixcloud Live will really start to create revenue for artists and the creators of the music played?

Monetisation has been deployed right now! Any Pro member on Mixcloud can stream live and also enable our SELECT program monetisation. Today that takes the form of a ‘subscribe for £X’ button on the live stream page, and soon we’ll introduce the option of doing live streams only for paying subscribers.

We love that this is a music-specific live streaming platform – built with electronic music and DJs in mind – what can the industry do to help it grow? 

Thanks! If you know anyone who is streaming on other platforms which either aren’t licensed, or don’t pay royalties at a granular track level, please spread the word that Mixcloud does this as a platform specifically built for music. Mixcloud recognises the value that DJs and curators bring to the ecosystem – enabling them to monetize through SELECT – and at the same time ensures that the artists who get played, get paid.

Published on Wednesday 29th April, 2020

AFEM is focusing ‘Get Played Get Paid’ campaign efforts on understanding and solving industry issues to reach the scenario where DJ video live streaming across all the key UGC platforms could pivot from being primarily an artist exposure, promotion and music discovery tool, into a revenue share model which properly supports the full ecosystem of artists, creators and rightsholders involved‘.