Mission Statement

AFEM is a not-for-profit trade association created to represent the common interests of those companies and individuals whose business is Electronic Music and to advocate best practice for the genre.

AFEM’s commitment is to strengthen and further the genre by uniting its members, identifying key issues and providing one-voice to address and challenge them. The collective voice of the AFEM membership provides lobbying power where necessary for all legislative, commercial and industry issues as they relate to the genre.

Specific working groups, chaired by our members and board and supported by AFEM operational staff, tackle a wide ranging agenda of issues including music rights management, health and safety, metadata, managing developing markets, education and the damaging effects of piracy.

Through open membership meetings, conference panels and shared knowledge, AFEM provide an educational platform from which to empower its members and help their businesses further thrive in an industry now turning over upwards of $7 billion globally.

The association also operates a ‘Friends of AFEM’ scheme, organising networking events and helping to connect not only members but also to the wider music business and commercial industries, its collective ambition being to advance the cause of Electronic Music.

The official Bylaws that serve as the rulebook for all activity within our Association can be found here.