Who We Are

AFEM Board of Advisors and Executive Board

Our international Board of Advisors and elected Executive Board are comprised of some of the leading figures in the Electronic Music industry including managers, label owners, publishers, agencies, promoters, retailers, distributors, media and technology specialists.

AFEM Board of Advisor Members 2019

Andreea Magdalina, SheSaid.So, Global
Arny Bink, Black Hole Recordings, Europe
Bart Cools, Warner Music Group, North America
Ben Turner, Graphite, Europe
Bobby Simms, Popshop, Europe
Claudio Da Rocha Miranda Filho, Brazil Music Conference, South America
David Levy, WME, Global
Dean Wilson, Seven20, N. America
Elizabeth Muirhead, BMAT, Europe
Horst Weidenmueller, !K7, Europe
Jens Thele, Kontor, Europe
John Truelove, Truelove Music Publishing, Europe
Kurosh Nasseri, Nasseri, North America
Maria May, CAA: Creative Artists Agency, Europe
Mark Brown, CR2, Europe
Mark Quail, Mark Quail, North America
Martin Gontad, South America
Patrick Stolpmann, Sweet N Low, Europe
Pedro Nonato, Paris Electronic Week, Europe
Ralf Kollmann, Mobilee Records, Europe
Radostina Docheva, Demand Artists, Europe
Roland Leekser, Get Physical Music, Europe
Steven Braines, The Weird & The Wonderful, Europe
Steve Satterthwaite, Red Light Management, North America
Terry Weerasinghe, Beatport, North America

AFEM Executive Board Members 2019

Andi Durrant, This Is Distorted, Europe
Ben Turner, Graphite, Europe
Bob Barbiere, Dubset, North America
Elizabeth Muirhead, BMAT, Europe
FELIX, North America
John Acquaviva, Plus 8 Capital, North America
Kurosh Nasseri, Nasseri, North America
Lee Morrison, Brighton Music Conference, Europe
Lou Cooper, Toolroom, Europe
Mark Quail, Mark Quail, North America
Matt Abbott, Label Worx, Europe
Matthew Adell, North America
Rainbow Gao, Mansion Shanghai, Asia
Ralf Kollmann, Mobilee, Europe
Tom Nieuweboer, !K7, Europe

Co Founders:
Ben Turner, Graphite Media
Kurosh Nasseri, Nasseri Music Business Solutions

General Manager:
Greg Marshall

Events & Communications Manager:
Shino Parker

Regional Manager:
Tristan Hunt

Mark Lawrence

AFEM Company Members 2019

1001 Tracklists, Asia
37º, Europe
A Greener Festival, Europe
AIMEC, South America
Alchemy PR, Europe
All Arts Tax Advisers, Europe
ALBA PATERA Law Office, Europe/Asia
Amp Suite, Europe
Amsterdam Dance Event, Europe
Andco, Asia
Artist Alife Agency, Europe
Axtone Records, Europe
Attack Media Ltd., Europe
AVA Conference, Europe
Believe Digital, Europe
BlackBox Music Management, Europe
Black Circle Media, North America
Black Rock, Europe
BMAT, Europe
Boiler Room, Europe
Bookya, Europe
Bozboz, Europe
BPM Supreme, North America
Brasbeat, South America
Braslive Entertainment, South America
Brighton Music Conference, Europe
Buddy (Harm Reduction App), North America
Centtrip Music, Europe
Chandler Shortlidge, Europe
Christine Brown Consulting, Europe
Cleartracks, North America
Constellate Talent / Air London / Bassic, Europe
Cosmxplorer, Europe
Critically Amused, North America
Crosslink Legal, Europe
d&b audiotechnik, Europe
Dance Music Production, Europe
Dead Poets Society, Europe
Demand Artists, Europe
De Vos & Partners Advocaten, Europe
Disco Donnie Presents, North America
Dispersion PR / Bear.Management, Europe
DJ Mag Japan, Asia
DJ Monitor, Europe
DJ Promotion, Europe
Domix, Europe
Dubset Media Holdings, North America
Eco Glitter Fun, Europe
EDM Ghost Production Inc., Russia
Eleven Technology, Europe
Emotive Sounds, Europe
Emerging Electronic Music Scene, Europe
Enhanced Music, Europe
Eventbrite, Europe
Evermix, Europe
Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Europe
Four Artists, Europe
Frecuencias, South America
FUGA, Europe
Global Publicity, Europe
Go Festivals, South America
GPS Counselor, North America
GRADE Management, Europe
Gysnoize Recordings, Europe
Heroic, Europe
Hexagon Music BV, Europe
Hi-Phi Music, Europe
Hoare Associates, Europe
House Of Tracks, Europe
Ibiza Loves Ears / ACS Custom, Europe
Identification of Music Group, Europe
InChorus Group, Europe
Infamous PR, North America
Inflyte, Europe
International Music Summit (IMS), Europe
Iter-Research, Europe
Judge Jules, Europe
JukeboxPR, Europe
Juno, Europe
Karim Boumeziout, Europe
Kling Klong Rrecords, Europe
Kobalt Music Group, Europe
Kronos, Europe
Label Worx, Europe
LabelRadar Inc., North America
Lausen Rechtsanwälte – (Marco Erler), Europe
Lexblock, Europe
Lime Blue Music, Europe
Loot Recordings, North America
Maarten Leopold, Europe
Make Your Transition, Europe
Mansion – Shanghai, Asia
Mark Quail, North America
MasterMindMusicUK, Europe
Matthew Adell, North America
Meindert Kennis, Europe
Ministry, Europe
Mitek Music Group Ltd., North America
Mixcloud, Europe
MIXCON, Europe
Mixmag/Development Hell, Europe
Mobilee, Europe
Monokrome Music, Europe
Moon Jelly Agency, Europe
MOST WANTED: MUSIC (Berlin Music Commission), Europe
Music Dropboxes B.V., Europe
Music Gateway, Europe
Music Industry Therapist Collective, Europe
MusiQWare Ltd, Europe
Muzooka, North Americ
Nasseri, North America
Native Instruments, Europe
Neighbourhood PR, Europe
NETPDV, South America
NexGen Music Group LLC, North America
Old School Music, Europe
Olympia Coaching, Europe
Pandora, North America
Paradise Entertainment & Distribution GmbH, Europe
Paris Electronic Week, Europe
Passé Projects, Europe
Pete Gooding Management / On Air Radio Syndication, Europe
Petit Legal, Europe
Pioneer DJ, Europe
Platform 808, Europe
Plus 8 Equity, North America
PM Open Air, South America
Popshop, Europe
Pressology Ltd, Europe
PrimeLoops, Europe
Purple Wall, Europe / North America
R12 – Scuole Italiene, Europe
RecordDen, North America
RED Light Management, North America
Reed Smith LLP, Europe
Remixology, Europe
Ridney, Europe
Rotor Videos, Europe
RSH Audio Ltd, Europe
SACEM, Europe
School Of House, Europe
Seeqnc GmbH, Europe
Sense Traxx, Europe
Sentric Music Publishing, Europe
Seshling LLC., North America
Seven20, North America
She Said So, North America
Shogun Audio Ltd, Europe
SISU, Europe
Skeet Kaye Hopkins LLP, Europe
Songtrust, Europe / North America
SONUX, Europe
SoSure Music, Europe
Soundcharts, Europe
SoundCloud, Europe / North America
Soundmain, Asia
Soundmouse, Europe
Southern Fried Records, Europe
Sundesire Media Worx Ltd, Asia
Sweet n Low, Europe
Symphonic Distribution, North America
Tel Aviv Volume, Asia
The Secret Inspirer, Europe
The Sharma Company, Europe
The Unicorn Mothership, Europe
The Weird & Wonderful, Europe
The Wild Seeds, Europe
This is Distorted, Europe
Thomas St John , Europe
Tony Rigg Consulting, Europe
Toolroom, Europe
Traffic Control Group, North America
Traxsource, North America
Truelove Music, Europe
Tsumi, Europe
TweleveTen, Europe
Ujo Music, North America
Unmute, Asia
Verifi Media, Europe / North America
Vocalkitchen, Europe
WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor), Europe
WDM Collective, Europe
WME, Global
ZEUBIEN FX-JAZZ, North America

With over 190 members from 25 countries, here’s what some have to say about AFEM:

“AFEM is a great place to develop relationships and engage the electronic music business community.”

  • Danny Anders, ClearTracks, USA

“I am honoured and delighted to see the industry pull together to represent its best interests.”

  • Nile Rodgers, USA

“As a new member of AFEM I was inspired at a recent member meeting by what I heard discussed.  Listening and watching everyone’s insightful attitudes toward the industry have positively affected me. I have been trying my hardest to grow and forge a future and career in this industry so I’m delighted to be a part of AFEM for the deep insights, help and advice it offers.”

  • Simon Birkumshaw, SenseTraxx, Europe

“AFEM puts all the actors of the scene on the same page, giving them the possibility to interact and empower the industry, even more so when it comes to the hot topics which we are all concerned by.”

  • Tomas Anglada, PM Open Air, South America.

“With giving birth to the AFEM, we are creating the first sector-wide association in the music industry. Within our board we have managers, festival organisers, agencies, labels and many other specialists involved. In short, all sectors of the entire music industry which will enable us to access the needs of the sector in a 360 degree approach. AFEM will make sure that Electronic music gets the close attention from an experienced group of experts and will ensure it’s secure future for many years to come and future generations coming through into the electronic side of our industry.”

  • Horst Weidenmueller, !K7 Records, Germany